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Can gym be a jumpstart to your Apple Fitness journey?

Hello everyone. I know that I've been gone for a bit but I want to make that right by talking about how I jumpstarted my September this year. One important factor that has seen my fitness levels improve and my weight go down has been an introduction of a gym membership.

Joining a gym is something that can be seen as a new year's fad or only for people who want to bulk up but I have to say, It's something I have avoided for since I was a teenager where I cheekily used my brother's membership card to access to try it out. It didn't catch on and in most of my adult life I have either resorted to running in the beautiful area of Blackheath and Greenwich Park. Subsequently to the various fitness clubs I joined for social reasons. I have never had the need for a gym. Until now, I have to admit I am quite enjoying it so far!

What prompted me to join a gym?

It's a funny story really, or at least I justify it to be. It all started with the COVID pandemic. During which time Apple Fitness had just come out and I was keen to have all the equipment to support the Apple Fitness suite of workouts. Treadmill being one of them. So I bought a treadmill for the home (mentioned in one of my previous posts), it was an Argos Opti folding treadmill which was relatively cheap and convenient for a small amount of space I have at home.

So when the pandemic hit, my use of the treadmill skyrocketed and so the running board had to withstand my relentless pounding of 90kg plus impacting not just my rings but also the treadmill. And so, in this year, it is with sad heart to say that my treadmill has perished to an unusable state such that running on it meant I would be scrapping against the floor. Looking at repairs would have been almost equivalent to buying a new one. And in my research of new treadmills, I would have wanted a good quality one that would endure my thundering feet. It was looking to be dear of at least £1000.

This was disheartening. It then dawned on me that going to a gym might be more suitable and I can run to my heart's intent without having to worry about maintenance or whether I was waking up the neighbours.

Therefore, utilising my work's GymFlex scheme, I schemed to join a gym. I discovered that I had a gym only a 10 minute walk from me. In the relatively newly built Kidbrooke Village. This gym was part of a no-nonsense pure essence of gym. A gym for the commoner's and with a wide stretching influence in London. I had to go for it.

I joined PureGym.

Can you integrate Apple Fitness with going to a gym?

One the of the most crucial questions I asked myself was whether I could keep up with my Apple Fitness journey if I joined a gym. People view Apple Fitness as something to be doing anywhere, anytime but mostly at home. This has been especially true during the pandemic and I am thankful for its existence.

I browsed the internet to see if people thought it was weird to bring iPads to the gym. Some did but mostly, it wasn't something people did. I was worried about the safety or bringing an iPad to the gym and played with the idea that perhaps using my iPhone was enough albeit on a smaller screen.

On the first days of my gym membership I took the dive..

I brought my iPad and a shoulder bag to carry it around with. This is an important factor. As long as I had my shoulder bag with me, I could put the iPad away when not in use. This meant my eyes would always be able to see where it is.

I used the iPad in the gym for Cycling, Treadmill, Core, HIIT, Strength, Yoga, Pilates and rowing. With the cycling machines and treadmills, they had nifty ledges for devices and even charging ports for the keen-eyed. I had my magic keyboard to keep the iPad upright for the other workouts. The gym has areas with mirrors so you can observe your body to ensure you are doing as the Apple Fitness trainers are doing.

The only workouts that I have not mentioned are Dance, Mindful Cooldown and Meditation. These are ones I am less likely to do in a gym. Mindful Cooldown is fine to do but I have opted for Yoga as my wind-down stretch workout. Meditation is not really something I would do in the gym because firstly, it looks like you're sleeping and secondly, I prefer to close my eyes in meditation and so by doing so would mean I wouldn't be keeping an eye on my possessions. Dance is something that could either make you look really good or really goofy and I think I would look goofy even though the mirrors and space would be perfect for it.

Therefore I do believe you can definitely integrate Apple Fitness as part of being in a gym. You got be smart and work out with intention and no one would bat an eyelid.

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