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Can I complete Apple Fitness+?

What does it mean to "complete" Apple Fitness+?"

I have been motivated to complete Apple Fitness+ and it's what has inspired me to create this blog and journal my journey. But what do I mean when I say "complete"? My definition of "complete" is to have all workouts marked as "Completed". This happens when Apple Fitness+ detects that a workout has been started and finished for its entire duration. This means that although ending a workout midway-through is recorded in the Activity Summary, it won't be marked with the blessed tag of "Completed".

Why would you want to complete Apple Fitness+?

It's a unique goal. Many people have goals and challenges and it motivates me to keep going, keep pushing in my fitness and ultimately, I really enjoy the platform. Not many people can say that they have done it and it would give me that prestige (self-endowed) of being the first to complete it!

Of course, I don't know if anyone is as crazy as I am but anyone starting any later will find that if they decided to embark on this same challenge, they would be burdened with so much content that it'll be hard to catch up.

In the ideal scenario, I want to be able to complete each week's new content within each week and thus, hitting that "complete" status every week. To say, I don't have anything else to do... even if that euphoria would last until the following Monday when more content lands on the Apple Fitness+ landing page.

How would you go about completing Apple Fitness+

When I first started this challenge, I calculated that at my daily rate of workout minutes, I was predicting to finish by November 2021 (actively starting from March 2021). This was an ambitious goal where I would aim for at least 100 minutes of Apple Fitness+ a day.

At this moment of writing, Apple Fitness+ releases on average 471 minutes of content a week. This averages to 67 minutes a day. In my mind, that sounds quite reasonable. It's just slightly over an hour of Apple Fitness to aim for per day.

However, that's if I wanted to maintain the same rate of completion as they release. As I started a bit late in the game, I have about 5 months of content outstanding! So to actually bring this down I would need to go over that 67 minutes to start chipping down this iceberg. Which is why, if anyone joins late in the game, they would have a bigger iceberg to melt.

And how is it going for me now?

It started well. My average was on target and it felt good. To know that I would beat this challenge by the end of the year was motivating and exhilarating. But like the world, things change and the beacon of light I saw is much further than expected. My prediction to complete Apple Fitness+ in a year was indeed ambitious. The trends were based on lockdown circumstances where my day-to-day was predictable and mostly independent.

Now that Freedom Day has passed and those clubs and socials that had lain dormant over the past year have woken up like a sleeping dragon ready to set ablaze any fitness plan I had.

What will I do?

While the ETA of completion gets even further, the motivation and benefits of Apple Fitness+ still stand. So what if I can't complete it, that is the destination. I should focus on the journey and whilst I can't say with confidence that I can beat it any time soon, I can say that I'm probably steaming way ahead of everyone else right now. It is my experience through this journey that I wish to share with whoever seeks it. That will be my motivation.

This blog will become the home of that journey and as it grows, I hope to find others who walk the same path and are making progress in their goals and even striveof partaking on this farfetched dream of a goal.

If you think you might want to take up the challenge. It's still possible. It just require time, dedication and willpower.

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