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Kyle's Top Picks ~ 5 Jul 21

It's rare that starting the week, that I have all the Top Picks complete. However, this is not unexpected with the niche that has been chosen by Kyle this week. Core as well as dumbbell work. They are a quick 10 minutes each and can complement any workout.

Below, you can find my notes on each workout to help you pick which ones you might want to prioritise.

In layout order:

1. Core with Sam (10) @ 15 Mar 21 - Hip-hop/R&B

Sam has some interesting and new core exercises with a dumbbell such as side plank row and half jackknife with dumbbell.

2. Core with Kyle (10) @ 1 Feb 21 - Latest Hits

This workout was done before my review records began!

3. Core with Amir (10) @ 26 Apr 21 - Throwback Hits

Amir throws back to his football days in his training day style workout.

You can find hugs and bugs in this workout!

4. Core with Sam (10) @ 2 Nov 2 - Upbeat Anthems

This workout was done before my review records began!

5. Core with Gregg (10) @ 10 May 21 - Hip-hop/R&B

Just a standard workout.

6. Core with Kyle (10) @ 22 Mar 21 - Upbeat Anthems

Just a standard workout.

7. Core with Sam (10) @ 31 May 21 - Hip-hop/R&B

This workout is a Pride dedicated workout.

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