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What ever happened to Apple Fitness+ Trainer Top Picks?

Since as long as I can remember, Apple Fitness had a section called Top Picks. This consisted of 7 workouts that a selected trainer has recommended based on a common theme. For example, a recent Top Pick was by Bakari who recommended a selection of HIIT and Strength workouts.

This section was refreshing for me to see each week, Something like a weekly challenge. I would sought to complete each one so that I can get a taste of some great workouts tailored by that week's trainer.

7 workouts was a good number of workouts and I can imagine that it was to coincide with the number of days of the week. This meant that you could try a new one every day. This was something I aimed to do. To get that approving white tick in the bottom-right of each workout. And on Sunday, I would screengrab the set to prove that I had strived to complete that challenge set by the trainer that week.

Some weeks, I would rejoice in seeing that on the Monday when the new Top Pick is shown that sometimes I had already completed some. Giving me more flexibility in finishing the set throughout the week.

Top Picks was a great way to mix up my schedule. Being a completionist and compulsionist, I like to complete my workouts in order. The reason for wanting to do the workouts in order is that the trainer's tend to mention things happening at the time, for instance, special months and even how Betina is having a baby. Top Picks gives me permission and reason to try out different workouts released at different times and not feel guilty about it. Probably because leaving them uncompleted would defy the completionist in me!

It was only recently, that Top Picks disappeared as a section in Apple Fitness+. Whilst this gives me freedom to return to chronological completion, it saddens me to see it go. It had its purpose and I for one, would like it to return.

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