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What's new this week on Apple Fitness+ ~ 23 Aug 21 - National Park badge this Saturday!

This Saturday, you can earn a special award badge dedicated to National Parks. To get the badge, you can hike, walk, run or wheelchair workout for 1 mile. Get out there and explore!

This week, Apple Fitness have released again the floor of 24 workouts. The average minutes per day seems normal though so whilst the workout count is reduced, the workout length is consistent.

Total minutes of all of this week's workout is 490, which if you wanted to complete, averages to about 70 minutes a day.

We have one new Time to Walk with Michaela Jae Rodriguez:

"Michaela Jae (Mj) Rodriguez is best known for her lead role on the hit television series Pose. She made history as the first transgender performer to receive a Primteime Emmy nomination in a major acting category. Michaela Jae talks about having the bravery to be yourself and how her career took off."

Personally, I am excited for the award this Saturday but I will be at Manchester Pride. I will need to find the time to have a walk or a run. Additionally, I am thrilled to see Michaela as the Time to Walk guest as I have seen the series Pose and she truly deserved recognition for it. Can't wait to walk and listen to her!

That's it for this week's update. Hope you enjoyed it. If there's anything you want me to cover, let me know!

In the meantime, stay active, close your rings and see you next time.

~Simon Mac

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