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What's new this week on Apple Fitness+ ~ 8 Aug 21

This week, Apple Fitness have released just short of the standard with 24 workouts. Opting for two 20-minute dance workouts.

Total minutes of all of this week's workout is 450, which if you wanted to complete, averages to about 66 minutes a day.

We have one new Time to Walk with Greg Louganis

"As part of a series on world-class athletes, this episode features champion diver and five-time Olympic medalist Greg Louganis. He's the first male diver to win gold medals at two consecutive Olympic Games in two different diving events. On this walk, Greg talks about discovering a family he didn't know he had and why dealing with adversity can be empowering."

This week's Trainer Top Picks is non-existent at the time of me writing this. This might be a punishment for me for not completing all of Josh's rowing and yoga last week. Or it just might be an oversight. Given that we have less workouts this week, this could spell out to be something bigger next week.

That's it for this week's update. Hope you enjoyed it. If there's anything you want me to cover, let me know!

In the meantime, stay active, close your rings and see you next time.

~Simon Mac

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