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A new year, a new me?

Every year, as humans, we like to renew our vows to ourselves. At least, it feels like a set of subscriptions that we pay for but have neglected. When the time for renewal comes in, we question whether it really is worth it? Except in case of resolutions, interest tends to expire gradually on a downward trend.

Despite this, it will be only human for me to announce my vows for the year. Perhaps I will look back and laugh at my success or failures.


Get back to a suitable weight. This is a common one but after a month of my brother visiting us from Taiwan, the influences of his love for food has an upward trend to the kilograms I burden onto the scales.


Keep my journaling up. I really get into streaks and some times, finding time is hard but I want to document my life. This blog for example is one and I have a dozen apps that help me track my life. So when I’m really old, I can reflect on memories that my brain forgets.


Apple Fitness. The app itself is going up and up and I really want to get back to it.

Here’s to 2022 and I will let you know how it goes!

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