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Time to Walk with Sunjay Gupta Review ~ 5 Jul 21

Walk highlights:

Sunjay talks about his upbringing in a refugee family and how his mother met his father by chance. How his mother became an engineer in a male-dominated sector. As a result, realises his ‘can do‘ attitude is directly thanks to his mother.

He tells us of the anecdote where he almost was called Steve and how there is uniqueness in his name despite the bullying he received as a child.

He continues with how his career was shaped from his interactions with a relative with dementia.

I found his topics commendable and possibly inspiring to the right people. My walk itself, I had set off prepared for rain and so I was donned in full waterproofs and even was testing water shoes (as I thought that was a good idea!!). The rain cleared and so I became uncomfortable in my rain suit and also water shoes are not meant for long walks!

The music choice had nice meaning for him but for me, it was just nice and different.

Walk summary:

Topics: 🙂 4/5

Music: 😐 3/5

Weather: 😐 3/5

Walk: ☹️ 1/5

Overall verdict: 😐

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